Hong Kong Local Guides

Mass Transit Railway is the best transportation in the city, because you will find many malls and attractions along with the stations.  How to get there...



Mong Kok station 

Shopping: Ladies Street(Tung Choi Street), In'square, Simcity (computer), MongKok computer center, Sino center, Hollywood Center, Broadway cinema... -exit D2,D3 or E2.
Lodging: Dragon Hostel - Exit D2. go straight to Sincere House, Room 707.

Jordan station
Shopping: Temple Street -- exit A then turn right, then turn right after the 1st block, turn left on Nanking street.

Shum Shui Po station
Golden computer shopping center, toys and fashion wholesale shops -- exit D2

Tsim Sha Tsui station
 Ocean center, Planet Hollywood, HardRock Cafe, HK culture Center, Ferry station, New world center, Space museum -exit C1 go straight or turn right on Peking Road then meet the canton road.

Central station
 The Landmark, HSBC tower, Bank of China tower -exit G;

USA consulate -exit J2.

Causeway Bay station
 Sogo, Caroline center, Lee garden -exit F,
Times square -exit A,

Admiralty station
Pacific Place, The Malls, Sebu, UA cinemas -exit C1.

Wai Chai station
 HK exhibition center, Immigration tower,
Central Plaza -exit A3.


If you want to go New Territories, you can use Kowloon-Canton Railway.

Kowloon Tong station
 Kowloon Tong MTR station, Festival Walk, City University of HK.

Sha Tin station
New town Plaza, City Plaza, bicycle rental shops.

Lo Wu station
Gateway of
China and Hong Kong >

More attractions...

Hong Kong Cultural Centre -- This is a big pavilion right on the southern tip of Tsim Sha Tsui It's mainly a bunch of concert halls for symphonies, plays, cultural events, etc. Along the waterfront there is a big observation deck with a phenomenal view of Hong Kong Island.

Hong Kong Museum of Art Admission: $10 for adults, $5 for children. --- Art galleries which contain prints, artwork, and artifacts of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Museum of History  -- It's a good stop to get a historical perspective on Hong Kong. It has lots of exhibits, many with wax-museum-like figures, and shows depicting the history of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Park --  Here you'll find the Museum of Tea Ware (free admission) which I highly recommend. It also contains an aviary with tropical birds and plants. The walk is highly recommended as well. It is also very close to the Peak Tram Station.

Hong Kong Space Museum --- Space Theatre Admission: $20 adults, $13 children;   Exhibition Hall admission: $10 adults, $5 children. Learn about space travel, astronomy, as astrology at the exhibition halls. The Space Theatre is an Omnimax theatre that presents shows on topics including space travel.

Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens -- It contains a nice collection of animals, including an aviary. 

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