Before your arrival, try to learn some Cantonese here, Have FUN! 



It's too expensive!

tai gwai la or ho gwai ar

Can you cut the price?

peng de dak m' dak ar?

Can you give me a 20% discount

da goh baat jit dak m' dak ar?


May I have the menu please?

tsan pai ng goi

Excuse me ( ask for waiter's service)

ng goi nay

May I have the bill?

ng goi mai dan


ho ho sek! or ho ho mei!

I would like to have...

ngo sheung yiu...

General Expression

I'd like to go to...

ngoh seung hui ...

How can I get to...?

dim yeung hui ar ...?

What time is now?

yi ka gea dim?

How long do I have to wait?

yiu tan gei noi ar?

How much?

gei dor chin ar?

Thank you

m'goi or dor tse

Bye Bye

choi kin

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